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Take Our Poll and Enter to Win $250 In Reebok Gear!

Mon, 08/17/09 - 12:00AM 0 Comments -

A last minute deadline at work, activities with the kids, and spending time with your girlfriends makes it tough to squeeze in a workout sometimes. With built-in balance pods, Reebok EasyTone shoes will help you firm and tone your legs and butt while you go about your busy day. Take our poll to be automatically entered for a chance to win $250 worth of Reebok gear! Hurry, the sweepstakes ends on August 31!



Click here for official rules - sweepstakes ends Aug. 31, 2009.


Do You Get to Work Out As Often as You Would Like?


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Get Easily Fit with EasyTone from Reebok!

Mon, 07/27/09 - 01:57PM 0 Comments -

The Reebok EasyTone is an innovative, first-of-its-kind shoe that helps tone key leg muscles with every step you take. How does it work? Unique balance pods are built-in under the heel and forefoot of the shoes.  The balance pods are designed to create natural instability with every step which forces key leg and glute muscles to adapt and encourages toning.  You'll truly feel the difference. Where? EasyTone increases muscle activation in your gluteus maximus by 28% and in your hamstrings and calves by 11%.*

*Based on tests comparing EasyTone to a typical foam based walking shoe (Reebok Hex Express).  Testing does NOT include EasyTone Flip.

Share Your "On The Go" Fitness Tips For A Chance to Win!

Mon, 07/13/09 - 12:00AM 0 Comments -


Now that Summer’s finally here, who wants to spend time in a gym? We’ve all come up with clever ways to sneak in a glute squeeze as we run up the stairs or lift our shopping bags just a little higher to work those arms, but does anyone know how all that really adds up? Reebok has found a way to take the gym with you! Reebok EasyTone shoes will work your legs while you enjoy Summer in all its glory. With mini balance pods built in, you’ll feel the effects of that walk in the park. Reebok wants to know how you take the gym with you this Summer. Sign in and comment below with your "on the go" tips and you could win a $250 Reebok pack that will add some cool to your Summer routine.



Offical Rules - sweepstakes ended July 26th, 2009.


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Go Shopping To Get Fit!!

Wed, 05/27/09 - 12:00AM 0 Comments -

Between work, shopping, and having lots of fun, most of us don't have time to get to the gym.  Sure, you can squeeze your glutes as you climb the stairs to your apartment and flex your calves as you walk to your car, but imagine a cool sneaker that could do that for you!

With built in balance pods, the Reebok EasyTone will help you firm and scuplt your legs and rear while you go about your busy day.  These balance pods create a naturally unstable platform as you walk, causing your muscles to activate and adapt.  A firmer butt, hot legs and lots of shopping?  You can count me in!




What's The Key To Celebrities Staying Fit and Fabulous?

Thu, 05/21/09 - 12:00AM 0 Comments -

One thing is for sure, Hollywood is full of fantastically fit and heavenly bodies.  From fab abs, beautiful biceps, toned thighs and gorgeous glutes, one question looms:

What's the key to celebrities staying fit and fabulous?

You can get your own star-worthy results when you take the gym with you with the help of Reebok EasyTone!


What Is Your Workout Style?

Wed, 05/20/09 - 12:00AM 0 Comments -

No matter your workout style, Reebok EasyTone allows you to take the gym with you! 

The new Reebok EasyTone is an innovative, first-of-its-kind shoe that helps tone key leg muscles with every step you take.  Whether your workout style is low-key or high impact, you can add Reebok EasyTone to the rest of your day to help keep you fit and looking fabulous!



Is Your Workout Working Out?

Mon, 05/11/09 - 05:04AM 0 Comments -

How much time do you dedicate to keeping fit and are you doing enough? Let’s face it, between your job, your friends and your endless list of to-dos, finding the time to work out can be tough. And when you do, how do you know if you’re doing the right thing for your body? Is a long walk better than a quick run? A hike better than a swim? What about lifting weights?

So, how much time do you dedicate to keeping fit? Take this fitness facts quiz to find out if your routine is up-to-par.  Every participant will be automatically entered for a chance to win $250 worth of
Reebok gear!  Hurry fast, the contest ends May 25th.


Official Rules - contest ended May 25

Shop Til’ You're Hot

Thu, 04/09/09 - 12:00AM 0 Comments -

Take the gym with you with this season’s biggest must-have, the Reebok EasyTone.

Designed with trend-conscious consumers in mind, the combinations of colors and styles keep you moving through your life- in style!

What’s more?
EasyTone’s innovative core-ball technology engages your leg and glute muscles by creating natural instability with every step you take throughout your day. This repetitive action forces the muscles to adapt and stimulate the toning process.

Now daily activities such as walking to work, picking up the groceries and shopping the season’s latest stock at your local mall- all have the ability to get you fit AND keep you looking fabulous!

Go on girl. Get your shop on. And while you’re at it check out more information at ReebokEasyTone.OnSugar.Com!Click Here

Healthy Indulgences

Thu, 03/26/09 - 12:00AM 0 Comments -

We all know that healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. We also know that sometimes it's hard to do both. Reebok EasyTone shoes will help you tone your leg muscles, but the healthy cooking is up to you. 

So how do you stick to a healthy diet? We want to know the recipe for your favorite healthy meal. Be sure to check back to see all the other healthy recipes that were shared!

After sharing your recipe, don't forget enter the Reebok EasyTone contest and share with us how you take the gym with you. You may be the lucky winner of a fantastic prize pack from Reebok!

Click here to enter the contest!


All The Ways To Work It Out

Thu, 03/12/09 - 05:18PM 0 Comments -

Do you downward dog as the morning breaks? Or prefer to paddle out at sunrise on a dawn patrol session? Is a post-work run a few times a week enough to keep you fit? Perhaps it’s just good routine of office chair dips and speed-walking from cubicle to cubicle that keeps you in the game?

Whatever it is, we want to know!  Leave us your “on-the-go” tips for staying fit outside of the gym.In turn, you may be selected to win just the right things from Reebok that you need to give your workout routine a little boost!

So, how do you take the gym with you?  Click here to leave a comment and you will automatically be entered to win!

Official Rules --Contest ended April 6, 2009